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Vacant Position: Volunteer Chair of the board

Job Title: Chair of the Board

Location: Savana, Unit C, Metro Business Park, Clough Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4AF

Organisation: Savana Inc Limited

Salary: Voluntary position

About Savana: 

Savana is a dedicated organization committed to addressing sexual violence issues within our community. We aim to provide support, awareness, and advocacy to those affected by sexual violence. Our mission is to create a safer environment and promote a culture of respect and understanding.

Position Summary: 

As the Chair of the Board at Savana, you will play a pivotal role in providing leadership and strategic direction to our organization. You will lead the Board of Directors and guide them in their responsibilities to ensure that Savana achieves its mission and objectives effectively. In addition to the general responsibilities of a trustee, the Chair’s duties include the following:

Key Responsibilities:

As the Chair of the Board, you will:

Key Responsibilities:

As the Chair of the Board, you will:

  • Provide leadership to the organization and the board by ensuring that everyone remains focused on the delivery of the organization’s charitable purposes to provide greater public benefit.
  • Chair and facilitate board meetings, ensuring productive discussions and decision-making.
  • Give direction to board policy-making and ensure that decisions taken at meetings are effectively implemented.
  • Represent the organization at functions and meetings, acting as a spokesperson as appropriate.
  • Bring impartiality and objectivity to decision-making processes.
  • Collaborate with the Chief Executive to plan the annual cycle of board meetings and other general meetings.
  • Set agendas for board and other general meetings.
  • Play a key role in developing the board of trustees, including induction, training, appraisal, and succession planning.
  • Address conflicts within the board and within the organization, and liaise with the Chief Executive (if staff are employed) to resolve these issues.
  • Where staff are employed, liaise with the Chief Executive to keep an overview of the organization’s affairs and provide support as appropriate.
  • Lead the process of supporting and appraising the performance of the Chief Executive.
  • Participate in appointment and disciplinary panels.
  • The Vice-Chair acts for the Chair when the Chair is not available and undertakes assignments at the request of the Chair.

Person Specification:

In addition to the person specification for a trustee, the Chair should have the following qualities:

  • Strong leadership skills to guide the board and the organization effectively.
  • Experience in committee work, contributing to efficient governance.
  • Tact and diplomacy in handling sensitive matters and relationships.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to foster collaboration and understanding.
  • Impartiality, fairness, and the ability to respect confidences in decision-making processes.

How to Apply: If you are a dedicated leader with a passion for our mission and possess the qualities and experience required to be the Chair of the Board at Savana, please download our application pack below and submit via email with cover letter explaining your interest in the position to

Savana is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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