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New CEO at the helm

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Welcome to our new CEO

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to the newest CEO of Savana, Sophia. Sophia brings a wealth of experience and expertise that has already begun to make a significant impact on our organisation and its mission.

Sophia’s journey with Savana started in April, when she took up her role as CEO. Sophia has been hard at work, charting an exciting new course for Savana. Her fresh perspective and innovative ideas are shaping the future of our organization. She has already started to implement several initiatives that promise to enhance our services and further strengthen our dedication to survivors. Her vision for the future aligns perfectly with Savana’s commitment to providing unwavering support to survivors.

As we move forward under Sophia’s guidance, we’re confident that her leadership will usher in a new chapter in our journey to support survivors of Sexual Violence and abuse.

We look forward to the positive changes and growth that Sophia’s leadership will bring to Savana. 


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