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Empowering Change: Savana’s Insights from the 19th RCEW Conference

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Empowering Change: Savana's Insights from the 19th RCEW Conference

Savana, in our commitment to providing unwavering support to survivors of sexual violence, recently had the privilege of attending the 19th Rape Crisis England and Wales (RCEW) Conference in Bristol. This annual gathering brings together professionals, advocates, and survivors, fostering an environment of collaboration, learning, and empowerment. Two key representatives from Savana, Sophia, the CEO, and Emma, the Senior Services Manager, shared their reflections on the impactful sessions they attended and the valuable insights gained.

Sophia's Insights: Diverse Approaches, Networking, and a Commitment to Anti-Racism

Sophia, the CEO of Savana, emphasized the diversity within the Rape Crisis network, where centers are united in our aim to combat sexual violence but employ different approaches tailored to local needs. She shared her reflections, saying; “The opportunity to network with partners has been great. The diversity in service delivery methods is truly inspiring. We’ve all come together with the shared goal of making a difference, but our uniqueness lies in how we respond to the needs of our local communities.”

Sophia noted the significance of the anti-racist agenda at the conference, expressing, “The RC network’s commitment to an anti-racist agenda has shone through this conference. I’m looking forward to engaging in the agenda and bringing the learning back to Stoke. It’s crucial that our efforts are inclusive and considerate of all backgrounds.”

Emma's Perspective: Inspiring Survivor Stories and Innovative Prevention Strategies

Emma, the Senior Services Manager at Savana, immersed herself in a series of sessions that left her feeling inspired and energized. She enthusiastically shared, “I’ve found the day really inspiring, especially listening to survivor stories. The resilience and courage displayed by survivors have sparked numerous ideas on how we can propel Savana forward and expand our prevention work.”

Emma highlighted the importance of incorporating lived experiences into our services, expressing, “I’ve also got ideas on how to engage our service users to enhance the services we offer through lived experience roles/groups. It’s crucial to empower survivors and make their voices central to our initiatives.”

A Collective Vision for Change

The 19th RCEW Conference provided Savana with a platform to learn, share, and connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to ending sexual violence. Sophia and Emma’s experiences exemplify our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and a survivor-centered approach. As they return from the conference, they bring with them not only new ideas but also a renewed sense of purpose in our mission to create a safer and more supportive future for survivors.

Savana looks forward to implementing the insights gained from the conference, further strengthening our services and contributing to the collective vision for positive change.


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